Traditional Italian Foods

Italy has many traditional foods, dishes and recipes. Here is a short “glossary” of the most common ones.
‘Nduja: a very hot kind of sausage/salami with red peppers. Tipycal of Calabria

BaccalĂ : dried and salted Codfish. Tipical of some Northern and Southern marine Regions

Bruschetta: A slice of Grilled Bread, usually with Olive oil, garlic and often Tomato.

Focaccia: a flat bread, often seasoned with Olive Oil and Herbs, tipycal of Liguria but very common everywhere.


Fusilli: a kind of Pasta. Twirly and Curly

Gnocchi: dumplings, a kind of Pasta, usually like small balls, made with potatoes and wheat. Different kinds (with potatoes, ricotta, durum wheat, bread) are found in almost every part of Italy


Orecchiette: a kind of pasta, like a small ear (hence their name). Tipycal of Apulia

Mortadella: a kind of salami, made from different parts of pork


Parmigiano: parmesan cheese, originated form the city of Parma (Emilia Romagna). Aged and hard, it’s commonly used on top of many pasta dishes and on some other foods. Common in every part of Italy, but more widely used in the Northern areas.

Pasta: Italian “National Food”. It comes in many different varieties.

Pecorino: cheese, aged and matured, made from sheep’s (pecora) milk. Usually found in Sardinia, Latium, Tuscany, Sicily, but also common in other Center-South Regions.

Pesto: seasoning for Pasta, made from Basil, Parmesan, Oil. Tipycalof Genova and Liguria.

Piadina: a flat bread, stuffed with cheese, ham, and often other foods. Tipycal of Emilia-Romagna

Pizza: another famous Italian Food. Can be found everywhere in the world nowadays.



Scamorza: a kind of cheese

Tortellino - Tortellone: